In this tip, we are going to see the commands to use in order to resume an interrupted download. These commands will be very useful, especially when your internet connection is disconnected abruptly while downloading a large size file, for example. Therefore resuming the download of files will save you a lot of time.

  • Resuming A Broken Download with the Curl Command (Complicated)

Launch the terminal and issue this command:

cat broken-file-name.ext | curl -C - URL >file-to-be-downloaded.ext

Here is an example:

 cat inkscape-0.48.1.zip | curl -C - http://launchpad.net/inkscape/0.48.x/0.48.1/+download/inkscape-0.48.1.zip >inkscape.zip

  • Resuming A Broken Download with the Wget Command (Simple)

Launch your terminal and issue this command:

 wget -c File-URL-To-Be-Downloaded


 wget -c http://launchpad.net/inkscape/0.48.x/0.48.1/+download/inkscape-0.48.1.zip

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