How to Invert Text in Microsoft Word 2010

In this tutorial, we will see how to use Word 2010 for inserting inverted text. Inverted text cannot be typed in directly on a Word document, but as a solution for this, we will use the special pasting function in order to insert inverted text.

Get Started

1. Launch Word 2010, create a new document and type in any text you want to invert. Adjust your text font, size, color, etc. because once inverted, you will be unable to modify it.

2. Select your text and copy it using CTRL + C, or right-click it and select Copy.

3. Place now your cursor where you want to insert your inverted text, then head to Paste >> Paste Special.

4. In the pop-up window, select Picture (Windows Metafile) and click OK to insert your text as image.

5. Click your image, then head to Page Layout. In the Arrange section, click Rotate, then select Flip Vertical.

6. You have now an inverted text. You can scale the image size to make it fit with your document content.

That's it.

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