Add The "UP One Level" Button To Windows 7 Explorer

If you want to see the UP button on Windows Explorer like in older Windows OS versions (XP, ME, etc.), then follow these instructions:

1. Download and install first Classic Shell. During the setup wizard, select "Entire feature will be unavailable" for Classic Start Menu.

2. Once the installation is complete, open any Windows folder, you will notice that the UP button is displayed next to Back/Forward buttons.

2.  To customize the UP button, open any Windows folder, press the ALT key to show the menu bar, then head to Tools >> Folder options.

3. Under the View tab, check on "Always show menus", then click OK.

4. Right-click now on an empty area on your menu bar and select Classic Explorer Bar.

5. Click now the Shell logo.

6.  Open the Up Button tab, then customize the Up button the way you like.

That's it.

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