Randtype is a utility that is capable of displaying the contents of text files or standard input character-by-character or line-by-line at random intervals.
Randtype Installation

To install Randtype on a Debian-based distribution, open the terminal as root and run this command:

sudo apt-get install randtype

For other distributions, download, via the official site, the appropriate sources, then install them by running these commands as root:

tar zxvf randtype-*.tar.gz
rm -f randtype-*.tar.gz
cd randtype-*
make install 

Some Examples:

To simulate keyboard input, launch the terminal and run this command:
echo "Welcome To SpotHT.com." | randtype

Another example consists of making three keyboard typing errors and be corrected automatically:

echo "Welcome To SpotHT.com." | randtype -m 3

the -m option allows to simulate three keyboard typing errors. You can set any number of your choice.

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