Apachetop is a small utility that allows to preview in real time requests per seconds, popular URLs, etc. on an Apache web server. Its function is similar to that of Top command.

Apachetop Installation

To install Apachetop on a Debian-based distribution, run this command via the terminal:

sudo apt-get install apachetop  

For an RPM-based distribution, run this command:

yum install apachetop 

If you are using CentOS 5.5 or Redhat 5.5, you need first to add EPEL repository on your system.

Apachetop Use

To run Apachetop, you can run this command, which indicates the location of the server log file:

apachetop -d 1 -f /var/log/httpd/access_log 

You will notice that it is possible to move an asterisk (*) with keyboard Up/Down arrow keys. This will allow to select a request, then we get its details with Left/Right arrow keys.

Finally, here are some shortcut keys:

    * h: Display Help
    * d: Change display mode (host, URL, Referer, etc.)
    * n: Sorting by error code
    * s: Modify sorting order
    * p: Pause
    * q: Exit

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