GTick is a Linux metronome application written in GTK+. It offers a lot of features and options such as rhythm management, volume adjustment, etc. This application is very useful, especially, when you don't own a real metronome.

  • GTick Installation

For a Debian-based distribution (Ubuntu, for instance), install GTick by running this command via the terminal (Applications >> Accessories >> Terminal):

sudo apt-get install gtick 

For other distributions, you have to download sources from the official website, then run this command via the terminal:

tar xfvz gtick-*.tar.gz
cd gtick-*
make install
  • GTick Use

To launch GTick, open Applications >> Sound & Video >> GTick, or simply run this command via the terminal:


Concerning the use of Gtick, you will note a button labeled Tap that is once clicked, it allows to give the tempo by pressing the spacebar.

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