How to Force Install a Driver or Program in Windows 7

There are some drivers or programs that cannot be installed because they are not completely compatible with Windows 7. Every time you install them, the operation fails.
To solve this, Microsoft has added an option that allows to bypass driver or program compatibility issues so that you can finish your installation. Here are the instructions you need to follow to successfully install incompatible drivers or programs:

1. Make a right-click on the installation file and select Troubleshoot compatibility.

2. Program Compatibility window pops-up, select Troubleshoot program.

3. In the list of proposed options, select the most appropriate one for your problem. In most cases, the first option allows to force install an application or driver. After deciding which option to select, check it on, then click Next.

4. Select now the Windows OS that your program or driver worked on before, then hit Next.

5. By clicking Start the program button, the installation wizard of your program or driver appears. If your problem get fixed, then click Next to continue.

6. If you fail to install your program or driver, go back and use different settings.

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