Install Luciole - A Stop Motion Software - In Ubuntu 10.04

Luciole is an open source stop motion software used for realizing animated movies. It allows to capture images via a webcam, digital camera, or directly from an image file. Your animated movies can be exported in various video formats (raw DV, mpeg2, divx, xvid, and avi).

Luciole Installation

Luciole is available in Ubuntu official repository since the release of Ubuntu karmic.

Luciole can be installed here: Luciole. Or run this command:

              sudo apt-get install luciole

Luciole Use

To launch Luciole, open Applications >> Sound & Video >> Luciole, or run this command in the terminal (Applications >> Accessories >> Terminal):


To import images from a WEBCAM, DVCAM, or any other device, click Create a new project button located in Luciole main interface.

Give a name for your project, select the folder you want to place your project in, then click Forward.

In the next window, select the appropriate device, then click Forward.

To import local image files, click File >> Import images, or press CTRL + I.

To export your video, click File >> Export, or press CTRL + E.


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