LiLi USB Creator is a freeware running under Windows that allows to create bootable live usb of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Puppy Linux, Backtrack, Knoppix, PCLinuxOS, DSLinux, etc. Lili USB Creator also embeds a portable version of Virtualbox, which allows to launch a Linux distribution directly from Windows.

Get Started

1. Connect a USB key to one of your computer USB ports.

1. Download now LiLi USB Creator.

2. After extracting all contents from the downloaded file, double-click on LiLi USB Creator.exe.

3. In STEP 1, select your USB key from the drop-down menu. If no problem detected, the traffic light will turn green.

4. In STEP 2, you have three options for choosing a source:

- If you have an ISO of your Linux distribution, click ISO / IMG / ZIP button.
- If your Linux distribution is recorded into a CD/DVD, click CD button.
- Or you can make LiLi USB Creator download automatically your Linux distribution from the Internet.

5. After your source is verified, select the size of the persistent data. If you don't know what does persistent data mean, enter a size ranging between 300 and 500MB. For more information about persistent data, click here.

6. In STEP 4, check/uncheck given options. If your USB key is still not formatted, check Format the key in FAT32 (...) option.

7.  When ready, click the lightning button displayed in STEP 5 window.

8. Wait now until the operation finishes.

9. Disconnect your USB key only if you see this message:

That's it.

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