Install uShare UPnP and DLNA Media Server on Ubuntu

The objective is to render your computer a server to read music, videos, and photos through game consoles (PS3, XBOX 360, etc.) or any other media device. So we need to use uShare application.

uShare is a UPnP and DLNA media server that allows to stream media files (pictures, videos, music, etc.) to your clients. In this tutorial, we will install uShare v1.1 under Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

uShare Installation

The latest version of uShare is available in Ubuntu universal repository. You can install it by simply clicking on this link: uShare. Or run this command from the terminal:

                 sudo apt-get install ushare

uShare Configuration 

Open the terminal (CTRL+ALT+T), then run this command to configure uShare:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure ushare

Next you have to follow these steps:

1. Give a name for your computer shares that will be seen by other UPnP clients. 

2. Select now the network interface you want to use for sharing your media files.

3. Enter now the path to the directory you want to share. For example: /media/Drive A/videos/, etc.

Advanced Configuration

You can find uShare configuration in this file: /etc/ushare.conf, which can be edited to modify or prepare shares.

Firewall Configuration

You certainly have to configure your firewall so that everything works correctly. I recommend that you use Firestarter, which is a graphical interface for Ubuntu iptables firewall. With Firestarter, you have to add a new rule to authorize uShare service (Port 49200, by default) when the source is the IP address of your PS3.

Use on the Playstation 3 

PS3 is now capable of connecting to DLNA3 servers since PS3 Firmware 1.8 release.

Starting the Service

In the terminal, run this command:

ushare -d

ushare -D

-d to use DLNA compatibility mode for PS3.
-D to use uShare Daemon mode.

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