DJL is an open source game manager under GPL license inspired by Steam application for Windows. It allows to select, install or launch games like we do in Valve's Steam software.

DJL Game Manager Installation

Before installing DJL game manager, you need to install Python-QT, open the terminal (Applications >> Accessories >> Terminal), then run this command:

sudo apt-get install python-qt4

Let's now download DJL by clicking here, then extract the file in any folder of your choice.

DJL Configuration

To launch DJL, double click on djl.sh file. On your first use of DJL, a configuration window pops up, you can change default settings, or you can leave them as they are, then click Save.

The application is divided into many tabs. The News tab allows to know new games available in the DJL repository. 

The Games tab displays the list of downloaded and installed games. To launch a game, just double click on it.

The Repository tab displays all available games in the repository. A small game screenshot and a brief description displayed on the right of the window allow to have an idea of the selected game. After making your choice, click Install button.

The repository contains currently 121 games.

The Chat tab allows to communicate with other connected gamers.

The Plugins tab allows to install new plugins. You can also create your own plugins.


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