The commands that we are going to give you here are operational only if you have an account in the computer you want to connect to, and an SSH server must be installed in this remote computer.

Here are the most simple commands used in most Linux distributions:

Open the terminal, then run this command:

ssh login:Password@TheComputerToConnectTo 

Or, you can execute this command:


In the latter command, if the computer accepts your connection, then you are required to enter the password.

Use SSH Over Proxy

To be able to connect to another computer using SSH, you need first to install proxy-connect package. Therefore, open the terminal, then run this command:

sudo aptitude install proxy-connect 

Next you have to modify this file: /etc/ssh/ssh_config. The modification can be done using this command:

sudo echo 'ProxyCommand /usr/bin/connect-proxy -4 -S myproxy.domain.com:port-number %h %p' >> /etc/ssh/ssh_config 

In this command, you have to replace myproxy.domain.com and port-number with your own proxy IP or domain and proxy port number.

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