How To Install Beagle - Desktop Search Tool - On Ubuntu

Beagle is an advanced desktop search engine capable of indexing all your data in a fast and comprehensive manner. Therefore, we can find any file immediately and execute any application through a simple keyword search. Beagle supports the following file types:

- Text documents, PDF, HTML, etc.
- News Feeds
- Source Codes
- Emails
- Web Pages
- IM/IRC Conversations
- Pictures (jpg, png, tif, etc.)
and so on..

Beagle Setup

To install Beagle on Ubuntu, click here. Or run this command via the terminal:

              sudo apt-get install beagle

For Kubuntu, you need to install kerry. Or simply run this command:

              sudo apt-get install kerry

To use Beagle Search, open Applications >> Accessories >> Search

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