We give much importance to the privacy of our visitors. Rest assured that your personal information will be safeguarded and not disclosed to third parties.

Like any other website, SpoTHT collects and uses data available in log files to analyze traffic coming to our blog. The data that can be found in log files include the visitor's IP address, ISP, browser, visit time, consulted pages, etc.

SpoTHT uses cookies to store information about your visit. We may, for example, store some of your personal preferences when visiting our blog.

To support SpoTHT and keep it growing, we use third party ads. Advertisers on SpoTHT may use web beacons and cookies to display relevant ads to our visitors. The information that can be sent to their servers include your IP address, ISP, browser, referring URLs, etc.

Moreover, we may use DART cookies for displaying ads via Google. DoubleClick collects information about your web visit by placing a cookie on your computer. This cookie is used to show relevant ads to you. Rest assured that DART does not collect personal information such as your real name, e-mail address, home address, credit card number, phone number, social security number, etc. To opt-out of all sites using this ad serving strategy, visit The Google ad and content network privacy policy. 

Via a web browser, you can disable or turn off SpoTHT cookies or cookies used by third party advertisers in your browser settings or by using cookies remover software. However, this may disturb your web browsing such as the inability to login to accounts, forums, etc.

By deleting cookies, you should know that you are not permanently opted out of any ad serving program, unless you have configured your web browser to disallow cookies. On your next visit to any site that displays ads, a cookie will be added automatically.

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