How to turn on a remote computer using Wake on lan

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to use a technique that is quite easy and handy. It is called wake on lan. The "wake on lan" (wol), is a technique used to turn on a closed computer via network.

This can be done directly from your local network (Wake on LAN) or directly from the Internet (Wake on WAN). Note that if you want this technique to work, then your computer must be connected to a wall power outlet, connected to the network, and configured to work with "wake on lan" functionality.

First, let's configure the BIOS. The problem is that there are different BIOS versions, so I will explain with screenshots of my own BIOS. Remember that it is possible that you do not have the ability to enable the Wake on Lan.

The first thing to do is enter the BIOS setup by pressing quickly the Del button. In some other Bios, you may be asked to press F2 instead. Once you are inside your BIOS, you need to open your Power Management Setup.

Once inside, you will find many options, you must look for something like  "PME Event Wake Up", "Wake on LAN", or even "Wake on PCI" and enable it.

When you've done this, you must exit the BIOS by pressing F10 so that you save the changes you have made.

Now, the BIOS is configured, it is time to configure the operating system. In this section, we are going to discuss the configuration of the operating system, I will explain how to do it under Windows XP.

To enable the "Wake on Lan", one must go to Start> Control Panel>Network Connections>

Right click on the connection you want to configure and select  Properties

Click now on Configure button

Choose the Advanced tab and  then select Wake Up Capabilities,  Select Magic Packet in the  Value list.

That's it! Your computer is now configured to work with "Wake on Lan" functionality. The last thing to do is getting the MAC address of your network card. To do this, you must open a command prompt: Start> Run> type cmd and then click OK.

To access your MAC address, you must type this command:

ipconfig /all

In Physical Address line, you will  find your MAC address:

You can write it on a paper or try to memorize it because you will need it later.

To turn on your remote computer, you must first  download a small software called Fusion Wol (wake on lan) for Windows.

Launch now the software, a window like this should appear:

You need now to insert one of following two options:

IP address: you need to insert the IP address of the remote computer.

Mac address: MAC address of the ethernet card of the PC connected to your local network.

Then, click on Turn on PC button

That's it! Your remote computer is now turned on.

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