How to install Textpattern CMS script

Today, we are going to install Textpattern PHP script. The installation is easy and require no big knowledge. All you have to do first is to upload all your Textpattern files to your web server using any FTP client you like. For my part, I was always using SmartFTP, but I then switched to FileZilla because SmartFTP is no longer free.

The installation requires a MySQL database; don't forget to create it from your cPanel and assign a username and a password for it.

Getting Started

Point now your browser to where you have uploaded your script, the URL address must be like the following:

 http://www.your_domain_here.com/setup/ (if you have uploaded your files in the root of your website)

http://www.your_domain_here.com/directory_name/setup/ (if you have uploaded your files in a directory)

This is the first page that must show up:

Select your desired language then hit Submit button.

Now, it's time to insert your database details. This include your MySQL login, password, server, and database name. Table prefix can be left as it is (blank), or you can add one if you have only one database. These details can be obtained directly from your cPanel. You have to create first the database, then assign a username and a password for it. 

Concerning MySQL server, most web hosting companies use "localhost" as hostname, if you are not sure about this, then contact your web hosting provider and ask him to provide you with the hostname he uses.

After inserting all your database details, hit Next button. Now you should create with Notepad a file named "config.php" in the /textpattern/ directory and paste the suggested code inside it:

Hit now "I did it" button. Now, you should insert your full name, login, password, and your e-mail address. These details are required to access your admin section.

That's it! Your Textpattern script is now installed. You may login to your admin section so you can manage your website.


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