How to install and Use doubleTwist

Today, I will explain how to install and use doubleTwist, which is an iTunes alternative that can support many devices. With doubleTwist, you can synchronize your media files with a variety of portable devices and at the same time share them with your friends.
There are two versions for doubleTwist, on Mac or Windows. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to install doubleTwist on Windows.

First, you need to download doubleTwist by clicking here.

Launch now the installation wizard by clicking on the downloaded file:

Click now on [Install] button

Now you have to wait for a few minutes while doubleTwist is being installed

When doubleTwist is installed, click on [Finish]

Now, you have to create a doubleTwist account, click on [Sign Up] button

Next, you must insert your name, Email, and password, then click on [Sign Up] button

Activate now your account by clicking on the activation link located in your e-mail inbox so that you can sign in to your account.

Once you complete the activation of your account, open now your doubleTwist software:

Now you can search for your favorite songs by clicking on [Music Store], the software uses Amazon music store by default.

To buy songs directly from doubleTwist, you should have an Amazon account.

You can also import your playlists from Windows Media Player and iTunes.

Moreover, you can play your stored songs with doubleTwist Music Player

You should know that doubleTwist supports a variety of devices which makes it special compared to other software. It can supports, for instance, an Android, BlackBerry, iPod, PSP, Windows Mobile, etc.

You only need to plug your device to your computer to start sync and sharing your music files, pictures and podcasts.


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