How to Display your Google Plus Stream in your WordPress Blog

In this tutorial we will help you show your Google+ stream on a WordPress blog. This will help you get more interactions with your friends and circles as well as the benefits of using this social media service in promoting your business.

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Music Converter - Convert Sound Files To Many Audio Formats Under Mac OS X

Music Converter is an application with GUI that allows mac users to convert audio files to many popular formats. The conversion process done by Music Converter is based mainly on FFmpeg.

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SoundBunny - Adjust Volume Levels Of All Running Applications Under Mac OS X

SoundBunny is a useful application that allows to control volume levels of all open applications under a Mac system. It has similarities with the Windows 7 built-in volume control feature.

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How to Setup a Blogger Custom Domain with Namecheap

In this tutorial we will see how to setup a custom domain for Blogger in your Namecheap account. Using a custom domain with Blogger will be very useful especially when having a long blogspot sub-domain URL which is not search engine friendly or not reflecting the topics of your blog. The standard Blogspot sub-domain URL is as follows:

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Storage Calculator – Calculate The Number Of Files That Can Be Stored In A Data Storage Medium

Storage Calculator is a useful Windows tool that allows via a simple GUI to calculate the hard disk space needed for your files (projects, video & audio files, documents, etc.).

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How To Remove UTM DATA (utm_source, utm_medium) From Feedburner URLs

If you have added your blog feed to Feedburner, you will notice that the URLs pointing to your blog/website have extra parameters which make your links longer and sometimes may cause search engines to index them instead of the correct blog/website links.

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